Economic Psychology

Economic Psychology

Differences in the levels of infrastructure between EU-wide business locations are a source of both opportunities and risks. Market gaps, market saturation and the information overflow are not only changing our way of dealing with time and the future, but also our view of the world.

In order to meet the constant demands, it is necessary to carry out market research and market analysis for the specific products and services offered. Precise results provide clear information and facts to assist orientation and decision-making, and enable you to reach your goal without detours or risks.

Never before was it so easy to conquer neighbouring markets. Our internationally experienced experts will support you locally with country-specific knowledge and corresponding branch and marketing strategies. Our precise market expertises smooth the way onto neighbouring markets for you and your products and services. In this way, you extend your sales market and win new consumers.

Results from long-term behavioural research substantiate our expertises on the consumer behaviour of various target groups for corresponding products and services.

The goal of our team of experts is to successfully establish your company in the new EU markets through accompanying market research and market psychology consulting. To this end, we employ competitor and market analyses, which take into account the economic, socio-cultural and emotional aspects of target markets, as well as the local infrastructure of the expanding EU sales market.

Our knowledge lead serves as a sustainable basis for the conception and implementation of an internationally fitting marketing strategy for your company.

Our Services:

  • Accompanying market research
    • Statistics, market analysis and evaluation of market data
    • Competitor analysis, competitive situation on target markets
  • Market psychology
    • Consumer behaviour, behavioural and emotion research, demand research and demand creation
  • Trend research
    • Identification of trend markets, analysis of international developments
    • Infrastructure research, demographic, socio-cultural and social aspects
  • Strategic market positioning
    • Targets, strategies, concepts of action (marketing mix)
    • Marketing and advertising psychology
    • Product development