Business Consulting

Business Consulting

The dynamic EU market brings constantly changing conditions under which small and medium‑sized enterprises encounter new chances and challenges. Nowadays, to emerge as a winner, it is necessary to optimize business structures and process workflows, to offer outstanding service and product quality and to strengthen corporate value and competitiveness on the EU market through mergers or cooperation.

In collaboration with our international and multidisciplinary network of experts, we have made it our task to pave the way for SMEs on EU-wide markets.

As our world grows closer together, it is necessary to recognize demand and make use of the arising opportunities. Various influences and conditions, as well as changes in economic policy and legislation, offer a fertile foundation for the international expansion of mid-tier businesses.

Our extensive experience from decades of cooperation with SMEs qualifies us as your trusted and competent partner. Independent business models, lean structures and an appropriate corporate culture are just a few of the special characteristics that differentiate your business from a global concern. This calls for innovative and unique solutions, alongside fitting concepts with a strategic vision to suit your company.

The services offered through our international consulting network are tailored specifically to your needs.

Integral development of your business strategy, the designing of your vision, the restructuring and optimization of your process workflows, or preparation and support for a merger with another European company - a chosen specialist tends personally to all your needs to guarantee effective implementation.

Irrespective of which service you require and where you are currently active (EU-wide) – you will always have one contact at ICGK who is responsible for all your enquiries. All tasks and projects are coordinated, organized and managed centrally. This ensures that your goals are attained in the most dependable and most effective way.

Our Services:

  • Expansion consulting
    • Geographical expansion – business founding in the European Union
    • Corporate mergers and acquisition
    • Restructuring and structural development
    • Process analysis and process optimization
    • Innovation and product development
    • Interim management – temporary management solutions
    • Intercultural management
    • Change management
  • Organizational development
    • International and strategic consulting
    • Development of visions, objectives, strategies and values
    • Optimization of services
    • Cultural development
  • Sustainable and innovative enterprise systems
    • System analysis, concept development, integration and installation
    • ESA – Energological System Analysis
  • Personnel development