PIA Personal Individual Analysis®

from the Oktral Psychologie© by Kapur®
Potential analysis for executives and key-people

Symbol drawing: standing figure, maleThe PIA Personal Individual Analysis® is a personal psychological analysis instrument specially developed by PMS that captures the personality factors of executives and key-people that are relevant to the job in a differentiated way.

The PIA analyzes individual and essential character traits, strengths, weaknesses, talents, potentials, competencies and resources of people in organizations and is therefore indispensable for personnel selection and personnel decisions. With the PIA Potential Analysis it is possible to objectively record which rational and irrational competencies your employees or applicants possess, e.g. their subject-specific competencies, such as responsibility competence, social competence, leadership competence and the ability to implement.

Possible areas of application of PIA in your company:

  • Competence assessment, potential recognition, talent assessment
  • Change to a new task / management task
  • Personnel selection procedures, recruitment of personnel
  • Executive development, junior executive development
  • Team building and development
  • Restructuring and change processes
  • Strategic and personnel policy decisions

The PIA is a well-founded analytical instrument that enables short, medium and long-term statements to be made, gives concrete instructions for action and can therefore also be used meaningfully as a management instrument. PIA Personal Individual Analysis® can be carried out in several steps. We would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information.

In addition, we have prepared a PDF file (currently only in german language) for you to download: our PIA presentation.

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